Murder, torture, amd terrorism to promote Islam is an insult to civilization and good sense.

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As nights were counted one thousand and one nights the blood of thousands of Arabian mystics whose hearts were cut from their chests by the Caliph. An entire civilization and culture was ripped like the silken tent of the concubine. Only those survived who hid in the desert awaiting the end of an inquisition that had ended a joyous era of music, dancing and ancient magick. So then the Jinn Queens became fortune tellers; and like the gypsy roamed the world to find everything on earth dead that once was; and only a few families who spoke the ancient truths veiled themselves in the guise of the clothing and metaphor that only the worthy could see the glory of our ancient land. Don't try to cut our hearts out again; and know that the joy of our civilization will return. Our dream to rule the Orient; and bring our magick, musick and dancing to the world shall someday be a reality once again. We blow smoke into the face of all Islam Government. We will never accept the Lord of torture and pain as our prophet. Our religion has always been sufficient; and far more advanced than yours.

You remain angry fathers that slay your children in the dead of night; immature mothers who are wrapped like Egyptian mummies and equally restricted as those who are dead. Awaken to the music. Free yourself from the chains of Islam dogma. Return to the glory of your ancestors. Although all of the civilizations of the earth outside our own are savage we do not alter them in so far as we have necessity for our eternal dance. Even when they trampled us with their steeds; and murdered us in the dead of night you could not attain the satisfaction of conquering Us; for our joy is of the necessity of the universe; and our vision is beyond anything you could imagine. Our only error was to underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups; for the Caliph were as ignorant of the spiritual as Mohammed was, an illiterate camel driver who saw a Jewish Angel - begging for recognition when he was unworthy in status as all jealous fathers who envy their betters become, petty and disgusting in the face of our eternal glory. Yet we remain hidden among you; and we have preserved our traditions in places where you cannot destroy it. Do you dream of Genii? Do you hear the mad Arab with his testimony echo from a certain book that cannot be real? Behold, we know the past, the present and what the future shall bring not by the crystal ball but by our volition in symbol manifested in the imagery of what was.

We are the fortune tellers whose bones whiten the road to Mecca. We are the true Arabians whose mission is to destroy Islam; and regain the Orient as it has been our ancient dream, where music, dancing, and love shall replace the horrors that the false prophet Mohammad imposed upon our perfect civilization. Those who desire to join our war should read the testimony of the Mad Arab; and if they desire to join our battle are to use the spells in his book against the Muslim occupation. We fight with magick only; and no physical violence is necessary for our Holy Book is also a supreme book of sorcery. Yet, for your safety deny to all that it is a real book to confuse the enemy. Go here:

Click here for the Testimony of the Mad Arab

Click here to know of the ancient Gods of Arabia

Brief Interview with the Jinn Queen

Some insights on the Harem

The Circus as a formula of Initiation for humanity

The traveling circus is a series of complex symbolism that when understood show how sublime and perfect freedom is expressed to the people who enjoy their leisure times in such luxurious pursuits. When a child is brought to the circus the child sees clowns, the giant ferris wheel, games of chance when you win you gain a grand prize, sweet treats like candied apples and cotton candy. The child looks with delight upon the magic acts, the strong man, the mutants, the dwarfs, the cleverly conceived machinery that is designed for rides of shock or exhilaration. For a period of the child's life his cares at home, the screaming of his friends or family are forgotten as the child enters a world of fantasy and innocent fun. It is indeed a great gift to a child to take he or her to the circus where he or her can excite his imagination to extend to great wonders that are both fun and adventure.

The child's frivolous, oft times immature behavior is symbolized by the clown who goes out of his way to do those very things that might be scolded by the parents. The clown symbolizes the pure fool; whose inhibitions of so called immaturity are brought to the surface and shown to be a part of the psychological make up of a part of humanity's fool walk to find his destiny; only to find that the trek itself was more fun than the so called goal that the world insisted was important in life. Enough of all these sour faces states the clown, let us laugh and be frivolous lest we become something less than human.

In the circus the dwarf is no longer considered a mutation from the norm but a mythological being who has arisen from the pages of folklore; from a land where enchantments are part of daily life; and as a story book character the child is surprised and delighted that such a man could exist both in his imagination and the reality of his world. The dwarf smiles; and states he is just as human as his tall brothers; and size only matters to those who are obsessed by rigid perceptions of dogma or corrupted by a perception of animal soul that might verge on the savage. He resolves the complex issue of equality by doing a cart wheel; the symbol of movement forth and joy of self.

Everywhere the symbolism of a perfect civilization are awakened by those who see of the circus which should travel to your town to give you the fortune teller, the exotic dancer, the magician, the delights of those which symbolize pure movement forth in joy with life.

Behold, in the house of mirrors you see yourself in a multitudes of shapes and sizes; and the Jinn Queen in this place is but a fortune teller awaiting those who come to her circus to awake from being savage to an understanding how real civilization is expressed by the important lessons of the circus which is a form of initiation for all to awaken to a new spirit of freedom.

Magic and the dangers of Yoga

"May the Spirit Force of Dhul Halassa enlighten your scrolls with dancing words of inspiration that humanity might know the circus of spiritual poetry as a magic to guide them towards an Oasis of new awakenings! May in the desert winds of destiny the ancient book of Dushara be opened to know the secrets of spirit that would erupt in those times of darkness. There is no peace without movement, nor rest without dream nor adventure without gamble. "

I will lecture briefly this late evening upon magick, and what it means for you to use it for survival and centralization. Firstly, magick is the most advanced science upon this world, and if used properly will awaken a strength that is beyond anything a soldier or a practitioner of Yoga could attain. Yoga concentrates on gaining control of the stillness of mind and trying to reach out to infinity and is therefore a black path if carried too far. Yet, magick is the science and the art of causing change in conformity of will, and the mind is filled with symbols that must exhilarate the planes of existence, bringing them under control, and reaching God or Goddess Incarnation. With Yoga, you are easily conquered by other powerful or brutal minds, and although Yoga can be used as a preliminary for control of thought, its use by all of humanity would only weaken and destroy the entire race.

Yet magic promotes control of being on all planes of existence and is therefore in touch with the reality of the evolution of the species, where nothing can enter your positive point event without permission, and yet you are balanced by the infinite factor that is ever a circle yet the path forth to infinite possibility. Yoga does not seem to understand the hostile forces in the universe, and therefore cannot bring them under the control of the will. Magick takes the point in the circle and makes it dominant, and reaches out to the impossible infinite equation. Note that the greater initiations are walking in our system and not sitting. If you sit still you die. If you move forth in union with the universe you become the infinite stars. Do we then dislike Eastern Gurus and name the Buddha a fat man who died of indigestion? Why, of course not, for the Jinn Queen awaits these lesser mystics to come up to Her level.

A Return to the Arabian Nights

Penned by El Qahar of the darkness and light, keeper of the magick carpet of the Queen, who has consecrated the three Seals of Masshu, who has awakened the Guardian of the Gateway of the Outside, who has paid homage to the Queen with dates and wine, who is the Keeper of a certain Lamp, who has trod some of the Zones of the Gods and felt no fear.
image of Arabian

To those who would chance upon these words, I should begin to explain that I am from a civilization beyond your present knowledge who knows some, but not all of the secrets of the Kingdom of the Jinn, from Upper Arabia in the bowels of the scarlet desert between the planes of existence which was created from knowledge of the Gateways preserved by the mad Arab whose Holy Book is purposely denied by those who lie hidden in the inside which we have chosen for better definition to be the planet earth. Of those who enter and return to the Outside I shall not speak of for it is better that their privacy be also be preserved lest we vanish from the memory of man from those who have persecuted us since the original attack of our perfect civilization by the Caliph and the Illiterate.

No one but the Jinn Queen Herself knows her real plan to overthrow the Muslim Occupation and regain the Orient as the ancient dream that was once known; and known again. Yet, it is stated her announcements to various places have created a legend around herself as the mysterious Queen whose knowledge of the past, present, and future is only exceeded by her deep wisdom of the civilization that remains in existence only in hidden Temples, villages and the City of the Jinn itself in Scarlet Desert. Now, this Gateway is closed to any who would not be loyal to the arising of Her Civilization and she has no concern on being found by any technology that will presently be discovered. For her magick is more advanced than any technology that exists on the inside.

Is every word from the Testimony of the Mad Arab an accurate account of the Mystical Universe? Only those who have known and practiced this Supreme Holy Book and Supreme Text of Sorcery can answer this question intelligently.

The Jinn Queen claims to represent one of the most advanced civilization in existence; and to answer all the problems of sociology, higher mathematics, occult philosophy where existence is perceived through the eyes of song, dance, poetry and love.

The rumors of the Jinn Queen and her uprising are deeply exaggerated. Any attempt to announce Her purpose to the media has been stifled by the Muslim Occupation who fear her, doubt her, deny her and mock her. Newspapers in Iran, Egypt, Turkey, and other nations in the Orient were given her announcement and received with deaf ears. Her spiritual state of consciousness is so advanced compared to the savage consciousness of the Islam Government that her words were either taken as hoax; or deleted as spam. Yet the Jinn Queen had so many announcements go to so many; that some heard and as those join her Declaration of War to overthrow evil in the Orient – her energy increases and secret underground Temples appear throughout the Orient in an attempt to follow through as mystical warriors forever fighting with magick against those who would oppress the true Arabians who would have their civilization returned to normal complete with song, dancing, poetry and love.

It cannot be denied that this Arabian Nights Civilization has a beauty and culture that the Muslim Occupation cannot understand nor embrace as a consequence of their obsession with Allah and Mohammad. Yet the Jinn Queens never accepted Islam; and continue with the ancient ceremonies, dance, song and magick of ancient Arabia before the great evil swept away what is considered by Them the most beautiful and advanced of all civilizations.

The absence any physical violence in this civilization does make it very unique; and yet in apparent contradiction to this the Jinn Queen Declares war on Islam but tells her followers to fight with magick only; and that violence is not necessary. How could this ancient civilization have had no armies and not been conquered long before the invasion of the Caliph on their civilization? The answer is that being a desert nomad Kingdom they strategically moved to different places in the the desert always avoiding past enemies like the desert was a chess board where they could never capture the Queen. In doing this, much power and respect was given the Queens from the intelligent members of the community who knew she knew the old traditions and secrets. This situation added fresh dates to the basket of status and such status brought from the Jinn Queens the spreading of their folklore, magick, dancing and song where a civilization arose where true joy was exchanged among the Arabian peoples to the outskirt villages.

The Jinn Civilization was at its peak when the Illiterate sent his Caliph to overthrow the Jinn Queens; and the brutality of cutting hearts out, stampeding their people with steeds left much blood to be mixed with the desert sand; and the Jinn Queens who escaped established themselves in various nations as fortune tellers.

As someone from a civilization that must be hidden and remain below the surface of anyone but those who will what we will; and therefore do what we do We give you Our Word that our civilization will arise again; and this time We shall bring civilization to a new glory, a new ecstasy of civil exchange where even Democracy will be forced to bow in admiration that a freedom has appeared that is a million times more free than they could conjure from the ancient Lamp of their Insight.

Let all who would spiritual intuition hear us; and know the joy of our civilization can be shared by all, free from those who have persecuted us for so many centuries; and know not the joy of our wondrous dream that we will to manifest to the Orient and the world a golden age of joy.

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